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Ask The Right Questions When You Are Suffering Accident Injuries

At the Law Offices of Mallon Snyder, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to when you are seeking an attorney to help you with a personal injury claim. We have compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we have been asked.

What should I do if I’ve been injured, by way of contacting the responsible party, their insurance company or my own insurance company?

You need to report motor vehicle accidents to your insurance company. Before you give a recorded statement, you should contact me so we can discuss the circumstances and I can explain both the law and procedure. Under no circumstances should you attempt to give a statement to the responsible negligent party or their insurance company. The information given may be misquoted causing you to lose or reduce your chances of recovery.

When an accident occurs, what is the most important thing I can do to help my case?

You need to get the names, addresses and phone numbers of each witness to the occurrence that includes any passersby who was in the area. You also need to check the availability of any types of cameras at the intersection and around the area where the incident occurred. These videos may be invaluable.

I have no money to pay for medical expenses. What should I do?

You need to contact us, and we’ll assist you in filing what is called a “PIP” (Personal Injury Protection) claim through your insurance company. In slip and fall cases, there may be medical payments coverage on the premise or other coverages that we can advise you about.

I have called, but I can’t get a doctor’s appointment until more than a week after the occurrence. What should I do?

We will advise you that if you call the doctor’s office indicating that you need immediate care and they are unable to set an appointment, we suggest you ask for the name of another doctor’s office so that a doctor may be able to see you. You will find that most times they’ll fit you in within 48 hours.

What can I do to preserve evidence for the purposes of my case?

You should take photographs of the accident scene and, if possible, the position of the vehicles before they are moved. In the event that you are unable to do this, you should take photographs of the involved vehicles before they are repaired. This can be done at the location to which they’ve been towed.

You also should immediately begin writing a diary documenting anything you experience from the time the accident occurred, noting difficulties, pains, discomfort and inability to work. Pay special attention, if you are unable to sleep or have to get up out of bed and/or take pain medications. This is critical because six months after the accident you will not be able to remember many of these occurrences.

What you should not do:

  • You should not attempt to contact the insurance company for the other driver or owner of the premises where you have been injured.
  • You should not attempt to discuss the circumstances of the occurrence with any third-party witnesses other than asking their version, because your statements may be misinterpreted.
  • If contacted by an insurance company or an investigator, refer them to our office and we’ll be glad to discuss the matter with them, BUT DO NOT GIVE A STATEMENT.

What evidence can I secure and maintain for the purposes of my case?

Immediately take photographs of any types of injury, contusions or abrasions that you have suffered. You should retain all prescription drug containers.

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