Driver faces DUI charges after recent accident
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Driver faces DUI charges after recent accident

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | DUI Charges |

Getting arrested can be a stressful and worrisome experience. Being thrown into the back of a police car, having a mugshot taken and locked in a jail cell are ordeals that no one in Maryland wants to experience. Drunk driving charges can be especially humiliating.  As with many other criminal offenses, those convicted of DUI charges can face serious consequences. 

Man arrested and charged 

A recent accident in Anne Arundel County resulted in a driver being arrested and facing possible DUI charges. The incident happened in Gambrills near the 2500 block of Davidsonville Road. According to reports, a pickup truck and an SUV were involved in a collision. 

Reportedly, the driver of the SUV and a child passenger were both injured in the crash. Authorities said the child was properly restrained in a car seat but had to be airlifted to a medical center with life-threatening injuries. The driver of the pickup truck was not injured, but police said he showed signs of intoxication. Police indicated the man was placed under arrest and was charged with DUI along with other charges. 

Help for those accused 

When a person is arrested and charged with driving under the influence, he or she may feel like their entire world is falling apart. In Maryland, those accused of DUI have options available to help them during this troubling experience. Consulting with a knowledgeable legal representative could prove very beneficial to one’s case. An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide much-needed guidance and ensure the protection of individual rights.