Drivers’ license reinstatement after a DUI
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Drivers’ license reinstatement after a DUI

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2023 | Drivers' License Suspension or Revocation |

Whether someone is charged or convicted of DUI in Maryland, their driver’s license will be impacted. Having a driver’s license suspended or revoked will almost certainly hamper a person’s ability to get around. Fortunately, driver’s license suspensions or revocations are rarely permanent. Here’s how long Maryland drivers may have to wait before they can get their revoked licenses reinstated after a DUI conviction. 

Criteria for reinstatement 

In Maryland, drivers who have violated an alcohol restriction can have their driver’s license revoked. Fortunately, drivers who have had their licenses revoked are eligible to have their licenses reinstated after a certain amount of time. The amount of time an individual must wait before requesting reinstatement varies depending on the number of times the driver’s Maryland license has been revoked. 

The waiting periods in Maryland are: 

  • One revocation – 6 months 
  • Two revocations – 12 months 
  • Three revocations – 18 months 
  • Four or more revocations – 24 months 

The start date for these waiting periods begins on the date of revocation or the day the driver turns in his or her driver’s license, whichever is later. It is important to remember that drivers must turn in their current driver’s licenses to start getting credit toward the revocation period. 

Where to get help 

Those who have met the criteria can apply for reinstatement online on the Maryland Department of Transportation’s website. However, Maryland residents who have had their driver’s license suspended or revoked should understand it may be in their best interest to speak with a legal professional who can help them achieve the best outcome. An experienced attorney can guide individuals through the process of license reinstatement and advocate for them in the event they are denied.