Increased efforts to combat DUI
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Increased efforts to combat DUI

On Behalf of | May 27, 2023 | DUI Charges |

Drunk driving continues to plague Maryland and the entire country. Police forces across the state are ramping up efforts to combat drunk driving. Although being arrested and charged with DUI can be embarrassing and leave the individual filled with anxiety, a DUI charge is simply an accusation – not a conviction.

DUI crackdown

Maryland State Police in Berlin recently announced that they are planning to increase efforts to combat impaired driving this summer. Officers say the initiative aims to make roadways safer and curb driving under the influence. According to reports, there will be a heightened police presence in Worcester County every Saturday throughout the month of June.

Reportedly, the increased enforcement efforts will focus on finding and apprehending intoxicated or impaired drivers. Maryland law enforcement authorities noted that drunk driving significantly threatens public safety by causing preventable accidents and loss of life. With this initiative, police say they are sending a message that driving under the influence will not be tolerated and those who break the law will face consequences.

The aftermath of being charged with DUI

Although alcohol is responsible for most DUI arrests, drivers could receive a DUI charge if they took certain medications or drove under the influence of illicit drugs. Anyone in Maryland who has been arrested and charged with a DUI has the right to speak with an attorney about the available legal options. An experienced criminal defense lawyer familiar with the defense of DUI charges can protect personal rights while fighting to achieve the best possible outcome.