Drivers can also receive DUI charges for marijuana
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Drivers can also receive DUI charges for marijuana

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2023 | DUI Charges |

The recent legalization of marijuana in Maryland has made headlines across the country. Although Maryland drivers know that driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal, some may not be aware that marijuana can also have an impact on driving ability. Drivers who get behind the wheel after using marijuana can also receive DUI charges. 

Cannabis-related DUI 

A recent study released by the Drug-Free America Foundation suggests that cannabis-related DUIs are often higher in states where marijuana is legal. The study examined data collected in 2022 and found cannabis-related DUIs occur about 32% more in states where cannabis is legal in some capacity when compared to states where cannabis is not legal. Yet, like most states, Maryland does not have a law for how much THC must be present for a driver to be cited.  

However, officers can charge drivers with DUI if they observe evidence of impaired driving along with indications of cannabis use. Reportedly, several counties in Maryland have recorded recent cannabis-related DUIs. In the month of July, reports said the Baltimore County Police Department recorded four cannabis-related DUIs while the Harford County Sheriff’s Office had two. The Maryland Cannabis Administration recommends that drivers wait at least six hours before getting behind the wheel after smoking or ingesting cannabis. 

Help after a DUI charge 

Being pulled over and getting a DUI charge in and of itself is not proof of anything. Anyone in Maryland who has received DUI charges has the right to legal representation. By consulting an experienced and skilled litigator, individuals can receive much-needed guidance while ensuring that their rights are protected.