Criminal Defense
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We Will Represent Your Interests In And Out Of The Courtroom

Have you been charged with a crime? Whether it is your first time defending yourself against this kind of accusation or you have faced the criminal justice system before, you need to have an experienced lawyer by your side. Not only can a knowledgeable attorney help you make informed decisions, but they can also ensure that your side of the story is actually heard when you have your day in court.

Attorney Mallon Snyder has defended the people of Maryland and Washington, D.C., who have been charged with crimes for over 40 years. In preparing you for your case, we will explore every defense and resolution, including alternative disposition and outcomes that may allow you to avoid jail time. By working with us, you can have confidence that you have a strong legal advocate by your side.

What You Can Expect From Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Our firm has experience working with a wide variety of clients and cases, including:

For the past four decades, we have met with clients to discuss every aspect of their arrest and the full extent of all charges brought by the government. We review each case to determine whether the police had “probable cause” or “reasonable suspicion,” and we will also ensure that your rights were not violated in the process.

We will conduct all research necessary to defend you in negotiation or litigation. We will review documents, including police videos and records of your arrest, looking for errors or omissions that may be relevant. We will explore every defense available to you to create the best possible results for your case.

We will help you prepare for your actual appearance in court. This includes advising you on how to dress in court so that you can create the right impression with the jury – we are even prepared to loan you a tie if you require one to complete your appearance. We will help you review important and difficult questions the judge may ask to ensure that you feel fully prepared.

Call Us Today If You Have Been Charged With A Crime

Have you been charged with a crime? Do not panic. It is important to get the right lawyer who understands the full spectrum of your legal needs. Request an initial consultation by email or by phone at 301-750-9588 to get the answers you need and to begin building your defense today.

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