Domestic Violence
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Domestic Violence And Criminal Charges In Maryland

When family members argue and fight, emotions peak and tensions escalate, resulting in criminal charges for domestic violence. Unfortunately, sometimes because of these emotions and tensions, there are also accusations of domestic violence that aren’t necessarily substantiated by facts. Our founding attorney, Mallon Snyder is a licensed criminal defense attorney in Washington D.C. and Maryland. The Law Offices of Mallon Snyder is located in Rockville and its legal team defends clients who’ve been accused of domestic violence crimes.

Criminal Charges And Penalties For Domestic Abuse In Maryland

The state of Maryland does not have a specific set of statutes devoted to domestic violence. Rather, the family relationship is taken into consideration and can amplify other charges. For example, a criminal charge for assault will become more serious if the assault was alleged to occur with a family member. A family relationship adds to the criminal charges. In Maryland, crimes of domestic and household violence can include:

  • Harassment and stalking
  • False imprisonment
  • Child abuse
  • Sexual assault and rape
  • Assault and battery

Penalties for less serious household violence crimes can include alternative conditions for probation, such as attending anger management classes or family counseling, especially when it is a defendant’s first offense. The more serious the crime, the more serious the penalties. For example, felony criminal charges of domestic violence rape or assault can result in a prison sentence of 25 years in jail.

Restraining Orders In Maryland: Peace And Protective Orders

In the state of Maryland, when there is or has been a family or intimate relationship between the parties, and there is a threat of violence or abuse, a party may seek an order for protection asking the court to order the other person to stay away. In Maryland, a restraining order when there is no family or intimate relationship is called a peace order, but it still requires you to stay away from another person. Violating either, a peace order or a protective order, is a crime and can result in additional criminal charges. If you have been served with a protective order, our attorney Mallon Snyder is an experienced domestic violence attorney who can help you understand the process and protect your rights.

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