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Client Reviews Of The Law Offices of Mallon Snyder

Muy Agredecida!

Si estoy muy agradecida por toda la ayuda que nos brindó el abogado Snyder. Tiene mucha experiencia legal y nos dió mucha confianza. Tomó su tiempo en nuestro caso y salimos con nuestros gastos pagados. Gracias por toda su ayuda y Dios lo bendiga a usted y a su grupo de abogados. Esta es la segunda vez que contrato a Mallon Snyder, por que otros abogados no logran la victoria.

– Doris Gamez Guevarra

(5 star review)

The best lawyer, no doubt.

From the moment I met Mallon Snyder I knew he was the lawyer I needed. He was very professional and friendly throughout the entire process of representing me. His associates were just as helpful, courteous and understanding. He was very flexible with payments, as well. I honestly wouldn’t call anyone else. His experience with the court system is no doubt the best.

– Jose

(5 star review)

Mallon Snyder- top notch attorney

Mr. Snyder has handled several cases for me, He has represented me on personal cases and on my business. He has done so with such expertise and sincerity. I would highly recommend him, as a matter of fact, I have referred two friends to Mr. Snyder.

– Elizabeth

(5 star review)

Great results

Estoy muy agradecido con el trabajo del abogado. El me ha ayudado muy profesionalmente y cualquier persona que necesite un abogado, le recomiendo al Sr. Snyder. El tiene mucha experiencia en casos criminales y de trafico.

– Henry

(5 star review)

El Mejor Abogado en DC, MD y VA

Mallon Snyder es el mejor abogado. Estoy super agradecido con el trabajo tan profesional de éste abogado. Si alguien necesita ayuda no dude en ponerse en contacto con el. Lo recomiendo como el mejor abogado en el área de DC, MD y VA.

– Luis

(5 star review)

Mr. Snyder and his team are extremely competent

Mr. Snyder gave us all support that we needed. He conducted our case with great professionalism and with personal treatment. He explained every single detail and possibility. We got exactly the decision that we were waiting for. Mr. Snyder is trustful and responsible. If you need someone you can trust and who can take good care of your case, I recommend Mr. Snyder without reservations. In addition, he has an extraordinary team. They are very friendly and helpful with every single problem that you have. They took very good care of our case, and we are very grateful.

– Gabriel

(5 star review)

Best Maryland Lawyer

Mallon is an incredible lawyer. He has always been honest and frank with me about everything I was about to experience and expect. He was very responsive and active and has great experience in court. We highly recommend Mallon to protect your rights.

– anonymous

(5 star review)

Great Attorney

I found my self in a very unfortunate place until I met Mallon A Snyder. I was charged with a DUI for the second time in four years. I was worried about my freedom, job and family. Mr. Snyder went over my discovery package with me in which he explained in detail everything about my case. He helped me better understand everything I was being charged with and the possible outcome. This was my first great experience with a lawyer because he made me feel safe and he was very honest about my case. On the day of the court hearing, he defended me against the state trooper that had arrested me, prosecutor and judge. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. I highly recommend Mr. Snyder to any of my family members, friends and acquaintances. If you’re looking for an excellent lawyer, Snyder is definitely the way to go.

– Jesus

(5 star review)

Compassionate, Caring and Superb Lawyer

Attorney Mal Snyder represented me in a complicated case with my autistic juvenile son. He is a very smart, caring, compassionate, dedicated, knowledgeable and excellent attorney who knows his stuff. He was always available on the phone and email and responded to my queries promptly. Above all he is a great human being who genuinely cares for his clients.

– anonymous

(5 star review)

Best Traffic Attorney

Mr. Snyder did everything he said he would and more. He explained my situation and it worked out exactly as he said. Mr. Snyder is a friend and he makes you feel that way. He always returned my phone calls and has treated me with the up most respect when representing me during three different car accidents that were not my fault. He won every case and I was more than satisfied.


(5 star review)

Very Grateful

Estoy muy agradecida por la buena defensa que me dió en un caso de DUI. Si usted necesita la representación de un buen abogado, yo le recomiendo a Mallon Snyder.

– Gloria Reyes Pena

(5 star review)

Best Court Attorney and Outcome

After getting an alcohol related traffic violation – yes a DWI, I called a lawyer buddy of mine to get some recommendations. Not long after that, the first recommendation was to hire Mallon Snyder. I made a GREAT decision. My initial meeting with him went well; he explained the situation to me clearly and what the potential outcomes were. He was patient with me on several phone calls before the trial — exactly what I needed, patience. He negotiated the best resolution that I could have hoped for. I even had to call him, not long ago, to clarify some item in my court order and he took the time to explain it clear English, not just legal-ese.
Hire Mal Snyder!

– Greg

(5 star review)

An Outstanding Attorney

Mallon Snyder is one of the very best, if not, the best criminal attorney I have had the privilege of working with in the State of Maryland. He represented me in a felony case that ended with a great outcome for me and my family. He has also represented family members and friends achieving similar result. He is thoughtful, tactful, and forceful when necessary in the representation of his clients. He brings not only his legal skills to bear on the matter at hand, but he also uses his vast knowledge of the law, the criminal bar (both prosecution and defense) the get the very best results for his clients. I have referred numerous people to him for his excellent services. If he can’t do the job for you, he’ll make an appropriate recommendation. You can’t ask for more!!

– anonymous

(5 star review)

Won My Civil Case

Mr. Snyder is a professional with over thirty years of experience practicing law. He offers a variety of legal services, but I hired him for a civil case. He had all of the qualities that I looked for in an attorney: he was honest; he was competent; he was concerned. These virtues allowed Mr. Snyder and I to work together in such a way that a judgement was awarded in my favor, and hence, justice was served. Based on my experience, I would recommend the Law Office of Mallon A. Snyder to anyone who is seeking not only competent legal representation but justice as well.

– Eric

(5 star review)

Abogado de tráfico

Este día me siento contento y satisfecho por su buen trabajo. El abogado es Americano pero el equipo de trabajo habla Espańol. Tuve una buena preparación y el día de la corte salí con muy buenos resultados.

– Francisco Morales

(5 star review)

Fantastic Lawyer!!

I highly recommend Mr. Snyder to anyone needing legal representation. Mr. Snyder worked hard to prove my case, always kept me informed and made sure I understood every aspect of my case. He has a positive attitude and was very honest about every possible outcome in dealing with my case.

– Tanesha

(5 star review)

Excellent Lawyer

Excellent lawyer! He is very easy to work with and has the skill set and reputation to get the job done. Highly recommend him.

– Christian Joseph Funicelli

(5 star review)

Mal is superb and relied on by other attorneys

I have been practicing family law in Maryland and D.C. for 25 years. I refer all criminal matters to Mal with full confidence. Mal is caring and passionate about representing his clients, pragmatic when he needs to be, a supreme negotiator, and an amazing trial lawyer when the case demands litigation. For 25 years, the clients who I have referred to Mal have reported nothing but full satisfaction with how he has handled their cases. My test is this: Who would I refer a family member or close friend with a criminal matter? Mal meets and exceeds this test every time.

– Brian

(5 star review)

Great job!

I met with Mallon Snyder and explained my situation to him. He assessed it and was very open about how the case would be handled. He is very knowledgeable. From beginning to end, his customer service was friendly and welcoming. Great lawyer!!

– Abdul

(5 star review)

World Class Trial Lawyer

Mr. Snyder represented our retail business in court and prevailed. Mr. Snyder is organized, compassionate, honest, highly intuitive and a superb litigator. These are the qualities which i believe make him the best trial lawyer in Maryland. I highly recommend Mr. Snyder.

– Robert

(5 star review)

+1 Would Recommend

A recommendation from a close friend lead me to Mr. Snyder’s office and I found his staff warm and welcoming. Mal was a rock during a hard time, being efficient and forthcoming with information about my case. His gregarious but no-nonsense attitude really made me feel like I had someone fighting in my corner. With the support of my family and his hard work, I got the best result possible. Extremely happy with my choice!

– M.F

(5 star review)

Highly Knowledgeable, Compassionate and Professional

Attorney Mal Snyder represented me in a complicated case with my autistic juvenile son. He is a very smart, caring, passionate/compassionate, dedicated, knowledgeable and excellent attorney who knows his stuff. He was always available on the phone/email and respond to my queries promptly. Above all he is a great human being who genuinely cares for his clients. I not only found an excellent attorney but a great friend as well. He is definitely someone you want on your side to help you through. I highly recommend him.


(5 star review)

We Won

Mr. Mallon proved to be our guardian angel. He prevailed against a state prosecutor — generally wins 98/100 cases against incredible odds. Mr. Mallon won our case. He is able to present a cogent arguments to the court and to show the inconsistencies in opposing arguments. I highly recommend him because his skills will prevail against any client issues. We are so thankful for the moral support and encouragement he gave us. There aren’t words amazing enough to describe his great skills and kindness.

– Ahmed

(5 star review)

Caso Manejo Sin Licencia

Excelente trabajo del abogado. Me ayudó en dos casos por manejo sin licencia. Es una persona honesta y estoy satisfecho con el resultado que obtuve. Que Dios lo siga bendiciendo. Muchas gracias y definitivamente lo recomiendo como el mejor abogado en Maryland.

– Ronaldo Herrera

(5 star review)

DUI Defense in Cumberland, MD

Mallon was very professional and kept me extremely informed throughout every step of the process. We were prepared when we entered the courtroom, and the outcome was the best I could’ve hoped for that day. Mallon is flexible when it comes to payment options. In my case, he also navigated the complexities of me being a PA resident dealing with charges in the state of MD. I would recommend Mallon to anyone looking for criminal defense. And, though I hope to never need his services again, I would hire him in a heartbeat if the need were to arise. I was very impressed with Mallon, and you will be too!

– Tom

(5 star review)

Excellent Advice & Counsel

I retained Mal to handle a serious traffic matter that my 20-year old son had. Mal was more than a lawyer. He was a mentor and advisor to my son, both encouraging and (properly & needfully) speaking to him in a very direct manner to address the implications of his actions.
Mal was quite upfront about the worst case possibilities and his anticipated best case results. His skillful handling of the matter resulted in a better than best-case result. As an attorney myself, I can fully appreciate many of the pressures and demands that clients pose. Mal demonstrated the best of our profession in his representation of our son and I would not hesitate in the least to highly recommend him and his firm to anyone caught up in these types of criminal matters.


(5 star review)